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For Students Enrolled at Lincoln Land Community College

Welcome to my Web site

This Web site presents information both necessary and helpful to students enrolled in my courses at Lincoln Land Community College. This semester I will teach EGL 101 and LIT 114—courses are described below, and links to appropriate pages appear on the left. Many of the documents on this Web site are PDF files and will require a PDF reader. If you don't have a PDF reader, Adobe has a free reader here.

EGL 101 Course Description and Purpose: The first course in a two-semester sequence of English composition, this course is designed to develop the skill to write effective sentences, paragraphs, and themes; to develop writing skills through an understanding of rhetorical forms and devices; and to develop the ability to read with understanding and critical awareness.

EGL 102 Course Description and Purpose: A continuation of Composition I, this course is designed to develop the critical skills of argumentation in part through the study of selected essays, to develop the skill to write an effective research paper, and to provide a thorough understanding of the short story.

LIT 114 Course Description and Purpose: In this course the film is approached through almost the same formal methods of analysis and study as those commonly used for the novel. The primary emphasis will be interpretive.

If you own a computer but not a word processor program, follow this link for free software.